You’re My Favorite Client

Let me start by saying, I really like MIKE MONTEIRO. I discovered him on a Creative Mornings video title “F*ck you, pay me”
Watch it here, when you’re done reading this awesome review I have added the video to the end of the review for your viewing pleasure. I was intrigued, of course by the title. I settled in for a 40ish minutes to see what it was all about. Mike Runs a design studio called Mule Designs The name has an interesting story and is described in an AH-HA moment towards the end of the book (No you can read it yourself, I can’t give it all away). There have actually been several A Book Apart books written by different Mule authors but we are here to talk about this one.

So what is this book about

The Book Apart series are all short reads based on a specific web world topics.

My words not theirs.

Brief books for people who make websites

Their words not mine.

Initially, I thought that this book was geared toward the designers themselves and was pleasantly surprised to find it was really about the Designer to Client relationship. Let that sink in a minute……….

    Mike covers things in here like:

  • The Need for design
  • How to find the right person
  • How to work with EACH other
  • Managing when things go right and when the go wrong

So yeah I just summarized the table of contents. This book is an enjoyable read, many reviewers think that Mike is a little too forward and should calm it down some. Personally I think he writes like he talks. That sounds like a trustworthy guy to me.

Without really boring you with a drawn out review I’ll just provide you with my highlights.

You’re My Favorite Client is a how to guide

Really! Its a guide for two entities: Designer and Client to understand each other and break down the barriers that make the design process difficult. I’ll always remember my mentor telling me

Design would be great if it wasn’t for the clients

I found that sometimes that can be true. Now before you get all Judgy two Shoes on me with “OMG he said something bad about his clients” Understand that not all Designers were meant to work with all Clients and vise versa. Mike goes on to tell us how we can make sure that we are compatible with each other. Kinda like courtship (My words). You really don’t want to work with a designer that you just don’t jive with.

Understanding each other

Until I was able to look from the Clients point of view I did not grasp they may not fully comprehend what I am saying. Of course we all know communication is important, lets not beat that dead horse. What we need to know and keep in the for front of our minds is clear comprehendible communication that is in a languages we BOTH understand. Good Ol’ Plain English

You’re My Favorite Client BUT……

There is a detailed what to do when things go right and even when the wrong that Mike outlines in this book too. We all want things to go right, I mean we did all that work to make it right! But it can go wrong, fear not it’s not totally lost. You can find redemption most of the time. There is even advice on what to do when you cannot find resolution.

So who is this book for?

It was truly meant for the Client, plan on giving one to all your clients to help them really understand the process. The designer should also dive in. It is a look into your world from a brand new perspective.

Want to hear what others think? Probably not, I didn’t think you would but to humor you here it is on
Good Reads.

You can Buy it right from A Book Apart too if you want (Disclosure: This is not an affiliate link, I wrote this just for you)

Ok now you can watch the videos

Creative Mornings “F*ck you, pay me”


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