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Evaluating is the first step in SEO success

SEO audits understand SEO impressions

Every project, regardless of size starts with an SEO Audit.Understanding your current web presence is essential to building growth for your business. The audit provides us with extensive data needed launch your business forward in the Serps as they are called aka ranking high for your keyword or product. The audit is all inclusive for any of my services. If you would like start small with just a a analysis or website tune up you can but if you ever decide that you would like go toe to toe with one of your competitors or have a full blown social media campaign you’ll already have the foundational data built to proceed. The SEO audit includes:

Why you are ranking there

Its not just enough to know where you rank and for for what service or product but why are you ranking there in the first place. Many different pieces go into the SEO puzzle. I will help you find out
what those pieces are and what they might be missing.

Analysis of your website and your competitors

That’s right your website, we have not even talked about that. If you have a site it’s time to take a look at that. I’ll look for proper structure and red flags that might be there and review the user experience and usability. Basically how easy is it to get around your site.

Your keywords

Keywords or keyphrases are what people actually type in the search bar for. Understanding what our keywords are helps in determining what your content should be. Surprisingly a lot of my clients find that their keywords are not in line with what they thought they would be. Your current keywords are more often than not undervalued or incorrectly used. We will find out what they are and provide uggestions on

Local SEO

Do you have a service area or a storefront? If so I will check out your local search engine results. This part of the audit I can figure out where your local presence can be increased or improved. Getting ranked at the top of google result map is always the goal.

The SEO Audit

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Who your competitors are for those keywords

Do you know who your competitors are? It could be that shop down the road or that business that always ranks higher than you on google. Let’s find out together, what they are doing to get those results and figure out what you need to do to compete with them online.

Your business’s standing in social media

Social media is large factor in growing your business. So of my clients embrace that other loathe it. like it or love it, it’s here to stay. Before we get too carried away let’s take a look at how you are doing in the world of social and compare that to your competitors. We don’t have to get
carried away, tell me again…how do you eat an elephant?

Websites on-page SEO content

This is where I look at the content on your site, and evaluate it for updates or edits that may be needed. This is typically based on your keywords. This is where we usually talk about creating new content and regularly scheduling content development. If that is beyond what your tolerance of listening to me, I offer content development as a service moving forward.

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