About Nick Jubrey

Nick Jubrey and his wife Jenn Jubrey

Hi! I’m Nick Jubrey, and I am an SEO’er!

I get people ranked higher on Google that is what I do. I think that you’re pretty smart and already figured that out though. I bet you actually want to know more about me personally, dare I say you want to know about me? If thats the case read on I promise not to bore you. That is my wife Jennifer and I cruising through Troy NY on our way to Mud Daddy Flats Quesadillary!

3 Fun fact you probably did not know about Nick Jubrey

I have 5 kids!

Yes thats right 5, of course my kids are my pride and joy, that goes without saying. They keep me on my toes, and hold me to the highest expectations. I can pretty much get sharpie off of any surface because of them

I have a dog

Well an Akita that thinks she is a human. They are such an incredible animal. She is a little scared of thunder so as long as it’s not raining she is one tough doggy. Take a look at her page here to see her and her high jinks.

I have another job

This is not my only job! GASP, thats right I don’t just do SEO I do other tricks. I am the President of W5 Designs a online business development company. I am also the Founder of OakBarrel Design, a creative team for people who make and distribute alcohol.


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