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The 3 Step Process

Evaluate, Educate and Execute



Evaluating your website and your current online presence helps me find out where you are currently what you have done to get ranked on search engines. During this phase I evaluate every part of your business online from Social impressions to technical markup. I’ll look to see if you’ve come under penalty by the search engines or if you are at risk. This is a complete analysis of your digital footprint, we can also include a report on your competition, so you can see what they are doing to rank one search engines. Once all the data is collected, I will present you with at full report of the findings.


What good is all that data if you don’t understand it? I have worked with a lot of clients, I understand that you don’t want to be familiar with all the technical jargon and the inter workings of Search Engine Optimization. The approach is simple, no confusing words or complicated verbiage, I will explain what I found in plain english and help you take action in bite sized chunks.
DISCLOSURE: If you want all the technical jargon just ask, I can talk SEO for days!


Once you fully understand the findings we will put together a plan of action based on the initial findings and your goals. Then together we execute the plan together as a team. This Strategy may contain some of the following just to name a few options

  • On-page SEO
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Backlink Remediation
  • Content Creation
  • Technical strategy

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Why Nick Jubrey

Most of my clients are in a position where they have website and it’s not producing the results that they want. I evaluate what they have, how it’s produced for you and compare that with others in your industry. We then educate you on the how’s and why’s of these results. The last step is to execute and analyze a new plan to help you become succesful online

It's Me

It's Me

The Nick from

I’m Nick Jubrey, I am a Search Engine Optimization Consultant from Albany NY. More than that I help people understand that high traffic numbers does not mean you are doing well online unless you are converting those numbers in to leads.


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